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Welcome to Tribe Fiction!


If you want to join this community, click on the link near the top of this page. Note that all requests to join the community have to be screened by a moderator, but you don't have to do anything. I only put that in place to make sure there aren't any random people just posting junk in this journal.


The community Tribefiction was created to allow tribefans to read and post fanfiction relating to the tribe on one journal, without having to spam other tribe communities (which may not usually deal with fanfiction). Hopefully more fanfics can get exposure this way.


If you're still wondering exactly what you can post here then hopefully this section will help you out. You can post the following items:

1. Your Fanfiction (more specifics below)
2. Beta-Reader Request
3. Story to Beta-Request
4. Fanfition Tutorials and helpful hints
5. Reccomended Fanfic (more specifics below)

For fanfictions, the rules are as follows

1. ALL FANFICTION YOU POST MUST BE YOURS!- No claiming fanfiction that isn't yours, because it isn't right. If you are recommending a fanfic, you must say so, or else your post will be deleted.

2. Your title should be Rating of Story-Title of Story-Genre (optional)-Pairing.

3. You do not have to include a summary, but it would help.

4. If you are posting the fanfic directly onto the post, hide it behind an lj cut. Ex. < lj-cut text="Jebony...it figures.">Insert your story here

(Don't forget to take off that space before the first lj-cut tag.)

5. NC-17 fics must be linked outside of this community. That means, you must provide a link to your journal or a link to an outside site.

For recommending a fanfiction the rules are:

1. Fanfiction written by yourself cannot be recommended by yourself. You're allowed to post/post links to your fanfiction here, so I don't see why anyone would want to self-recommend.

2. Your post should follow this format

Link to story:

3. You are not allowed to copy/paste the persons story into your post w/ out permission from the author.


Currently, I (lenegirl) am the only moderator of tribefiction. If you want to read my journal, go ahead. I'll be posting all my own fanfics in this community though.


Some useful links...

1.Tribeworld- This is the official site for the T.V. Show and a great resource for any fanfic writer. Check out the pre-tribe, and guides for as much information that you need to help create your story.

More coming soon...