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Looking for a co-author with this

Characters, powers, and positions:

Ripper aka Jack, Telepathy and Telekinesis, City Ruler

Phoenix aka Ebony, Pyrokinesis, General

Quake aka Alice, Earth manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Healer aka Tai San, Biological manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Sprite aka Mouse, Weather manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Bloom aka Cloe, Plant manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Mech aka Ram, Technopathy, General

Numb aka Charlie, Empathy and Ecological empathy, Second-in-Comand to Mech

Quick aka Ved, Superhuman speed, General

Mimic aka KC, Shapeshifting, Second-in-Comand to Quick

Praise aka The Guardian, Teleportation, General

Fatal aka Patsy, Poison generation, Second-in-Comand to Praise

War aka Pride, Magnetism manipulation, General

Strife aka Luke, shadow manipulation, Second-in-Comand to War

Bray, Superhuman tracking, Berserker

Mega, Superhuman senses, Berserker

Ryan, Superhuman strength, Berserker

pairings: Ram/Ebony, Ved/Cloe, Pride/Alice, Luke/Patsy, onesided Jack/Ebony


summary: People who have been abandoned or forgotten in the city during the explosion of Mega's virus are mutated into something else instead of dieing. The Mallrats return to the city 2 years after Mega's virus to find it completely different from when they left and being run by a meglomaniac named Ripper, his Generals, and his mindless guards The Berserkers. Will they be able to free the city from the madman and does the city even want to be free.

note: I am willing to change powers and alternate names of characters, if necessary. This is my first time writing het and I would appreciate any help I can get. I also get major writers block when I try writing this so once again, please help.
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