April 5th, 2009

The Labyrinth Worm by amiable icons

Howdy all . . .

Yeah . . . I'm PinkTribeChick . . . if you've been in the Tribe fandom for a while, you may know my name, you may not . . .
I run the Tribe site As The World Falls Down . . . used to be on the council and Vice-Prez at Tribe Red Dragon (years upon years ago) . . . I run a Tribe pic archive, The Ultimate Tribal Picture Archive . . . I'm a writer, though it's been a while since I've written anything new Tribe-wise. All of my fic is posted on the Cafe at my site, with a hoarde of hosted stories by other Tribe writers. I also have posted some of my stuff at FanFiction.net, under the author name of PinkTribeChick, of course - what's on FF.net is editted (for spelling and such) versions of what's on my site . . .
I look forward to reading what you guys post on here!
Til later!

p.s. - I also run a plain, multi-fandom site known as As The World Falls Down. There's not much to it - but there's a BB that's frequented by a few longtime Tribe buddies of mine . . . check it out and join if you like!
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