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Ryan's Song

Title: Ryan's Song - Chapter One
Author: tribebohemian
Pairing: Ryan/OFC
Rating: PG13
Warnings: angst, language, het, character death, dub-con, drug use
Disclaimer: The Tribe and it's characters does not belong to me. Nor do I make any money off of this. I simply write for my own enjoyment.
Summary: The story of what happened to Ryan after he was taken away by the Chosen.

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The Radix: Chapter One

Title: The Radix: Chapter one
Author: tribebohemian
Pairing: Multiple
Rating: T-M
Warnings: angst, language, het, slash, minor violence, character death
Disclaimer: The Tribe and it's characters does not belong to me. Nor do I make any money off of this. I simply write for my own enjoyment.
Summary: The continuing story of the Mallrats. Season six if you will.


A New Beginning
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creepy doll

Request: Twilight/Tribe crossover

There are not many crossovers in this fandom and I am not yet comfortable enough with Twilight to attempt to write this myself.  So I ask of  the great and wonderful writers of this community if someone could grant this one request. 

Twilight/Tribe crossover

pairings: Jacob/Ebony, any others you desire as long as Ebony gets to keep Jacob

summary: The Cullens and the La Push Wolves survive the virus and somehow meet the Mallrats.
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Looking for a co-author with this

Characters, powers, and positions:

Ripper aka Jack, Telepathy and Telekinesis, City Ruler

Phoenix aka Ebony, Pyrokinesis, General

Quake aka Alice, Earth manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Healer aka Tai San, Biological manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Sprite aka Mouse, Weather manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Bloom aka Cloe, Plant manipulation, Second-in-Comand to Phoenix

Mech aka Ram, Technopathy, General

Numb aka Charlie, Empathy and Ecological empathy, Second-in-Comand to Mech

Quick aka Ved, Superhuman speed, General

Mimic aka KC, Shapeshifting, Second-in-Comand to Quick

Praise aka The Guardian, Teleportation, General

Fatal aka Patsy, Poison generation, Second-in-Comand to Praise

War aka Pride, Magnetism manipulation, General

Strife aka Luke, shadow manipulation, Second-in-Comand to War

Bray, Superhuman tracking, Berserker

Mega, Superhuman senses, Berserker

Ryan, Superhuman strength, Berserker

pairings: Ram/Ebony, Ved/Cloe, Pride/Alice, Luke/Patsy, onesided Jack/Ebony


summary: People who have been abandoned or forgotten in the city during the explosion of Mega's virus are mutated into something else instead of dieing. The Mallrats return to the city 2 years after Mega's virus to find it completely different from when they left and being run by a meglomaniac named Ripper, his Generals, and his mindless guards The Berserkers. Will they be able to free the city from the madman and does the city even want to be free.

note: I am willing to change powers and alternate names of characters, if necessary. This is my first time writing het and I would appreciate any help I can get. I also get major writers block when I try writing this so once again, please help.
The Labyrinth Worm by amiable icons

Howdy all . . .

Yeah . . . I'm PinkTribeChick . . . if you've been in the Tribe fandom for a while, you may know my name, you may not . . .
I run the Tribe site As The World Falls Down . . . used to be on the council and Vice-Prez at Tribe Red Dragon (years upon years ago) . . . I run a Tribe pic archive, The Ultimate Tribal Picture Archive . . . I'm a writer, though it's been a while since I've written anything new Tribe-wise. All of my fic is posted on the Cafe at my site, with a hoarde of hosted stories by other Tribe writers. I also have posted some of my stuff at, under the author name of PinkTribeChick, of course - what's on is editted (for spelling and such) versions of what's on my site . . .
I look forward to reading what you guys post on here!
Til later!

p.s. - I also run a plain, multi-fandom site known as As The World Falls Down. There's not much to it - but there's a BB that's frequented by a few longtime Tribe buddies of mine . . . check it out and join if you like!
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Need I say more

New Here

As you can see by my Icon,  I'm a big Lex Fan
I can remember meeting Caleb (Kaleb) Ross and Dwayne Cameron at Dragon Con here in atlanta

Was wondering if anybody knew any good LEX/TRUDY fic's
sims 2, Anoia

Saying hi...


I'm a 18 year old girl who is rediscovering the Tribe. I watched it several years ago, and just a few days ago saw a re-run on television. It immediately made me miss watching it, and I just had to re-watch it. I've just started on season one, and I plan on watching all the episodes.

I just love the way Lex and Amber act around each other, and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any good fics that deals with that.

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Tis' Sad I just found this place (no I don't live under a rock). It's pretty dormant in here, even looks like lenegirl isn't active anymore, but someone posted a link for here(recently) and I wish this place would've gotten more exposure when it was alive because spamming BB's got hectic after awhile, I couldn't remember which place I updated last or not and while was a good place, it didn't offer the exposure this place could've.

Is anyone out there? [[echoes]]

*sighs* if only life had a rewind button....
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Looking for fics

Hey, new member here, how's it going?

I've been a tribe fic fan for years now. Well long enough for some of my favorite fics to have disappeared from the www. I'm looking for some specific fics that some of you all might now where I could find or are the authors of:

Eagle Eye (by TribalFreakForever)
Danni's Dilemma (by TribalFreakForever)
Cloe's Choice (by TribalFreakForever)
The Deep End (by ?)

So if anyone can give me a hand, that would be awesome.